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Benbow Brothers Timber Ltd

Site Clearance

Environmentally Responsible Vegetation Site & Land Clearance.

Professional Tree Surgeon
Professional Tree Surgeon

Benbow Brothers have over 65 years experience in environmentally responsible clearance of trees, shrubs, and hedgerows.

Arborist climbing a tree to work
Aerial Arborist

Nature exists in a delicate balance in the English countryside, and site clearance will unbalance nature near the site cleared. We understand this and always minimize the damage to neighbouring properties, without you incurring additional costs.

Benbow Brothers can offer you safe, efficient and professional site clearance services such as:

Les at the controls of his HGV loading another lorry
Timber transfer
  • Woodland clearance.
  • Scrub and Thicket clearance.
  • Hedgerow removal.
  • Stump and root removal
  • Vegetation recycling.
  • We respect all tree preservation orders, and failure to reveal known preservation orders will incur additional penalties.
  • We respect all local wildlife, especially protected and endangered species, and failure to reveal their presence on your site will incur additional penalties.
  • Replanting, landscaping and wood sculpture
Tidying and chipping the branches
Tidying the branches

Our ground teams are equipped to handle sites of all sizes from a garden to woodland clearance.Β Whether your site is a dense thicket, unruly garden or sprawling woods; our expert arborists are trained in the use of the specialist equipment necessary to clear your site. They can fell and remove the largest trees from any site, and completely remove bushes.

Les unloading his HGV
Les unloading

We favour ecological recycling of vegetation where possible with most wood mass being converted into timber, chippings, paper, mulch or bio-fuels as appropriate to both the industry and your needs.

Benbow Brothers always ensure that you find your land as you want to find it. If you have specified trees to be saved we will do everything within our power to protect and nurture these trees.Β We also will pay careful attention to potentially harmful plants, or disease ridden plants that may be beyond saving and may endanger the healthy plants on your site.

Stumpgrinder grinding

Any problems that may affect site clearance such as protection or tree preservation orders may restrict the work possible on a site. We also respect the local wildlife and special care may need to be taken if your site hosts a protected or endangered species, such as bats or badgers .

We offer free inspections and quotes for site clearance, which we strictly adhere to, although see our policy regarding withheld pertinent information.

An old Bulldozer tractor
Site Clearance technology has moved on since we started.

Benbow Brothers has over 60 years of experience at site clearance and we have kept abreast of the changing face of arboricultural technology. This allows us great flexibility in terms of site accessibility and environmental impact. Contact us to find out what we can do to help you clear your site.