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Benbow Brothers Timber Ltd

Stump Removal

Stump Grinding

Benbow Brothers have the equipment and expertise to completely remove tree stumps from your land. Whether the result of storm damage, necessary tree surgery or landscaping you might be left with an unsightly stump that you want rid of.

four images of our stump grinder in Wolverhampton
Stump grinding in action

If you can wait, you could cover the trunk in soil wait six months to a year and then hack at what’s left with a pick-ax and shovel, or mechanical excavator.

If you can’t wait that long you might want to consider our stump removal services.
We offer mechanical stump grinding that can completely remove  the trunk and root base, leaving your land pristine and ready for immediate replanting.

Close up on teeth of the mechanical router.
Only available for a close up when its not running.

Our mechanical router can completely remove the stump in a few short passes. The high-speed revolving disc has specially designed teeth that shatter and chip the stump down to a depth of about a foot below the surface in minutes.

Larger stumps do not pose much more of a problem as we have a variety of tools and vehicles to handle almost any sized job.

If you wish to hire our stump grinders to have our professional team remove a stump for you anywhere in the West Midlands please contact us.