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Tree Surgery

Tree Surgery & Tree Care – some of our services

plantingPlanting: A statement of the obvious but still true: healthy trees depend on correct planting. Too often we are called to deal with trees that are weak, distressed, diseased or just in the wrong place and we have to give the bad news that the tree must be dug out and discarded. When we are contracted to plant trees and shrubs we ensure the location and the soil conditions are right.


Chainsaw on a pole
High reach surgery

The objective is to produce a tree or shrub which is healthy, has an attractive appearance and meets the needs of its surroundings. We remove dead wood, cut out rubbing and misaligned branches, lift the crown by removing lower branches or reduce the crown by cutting out carefully selected side branches. We may thin the crown to improve the performance and appearance of the canopy. Sometimes major restoration work is necessary when a tree has suffered storm damage or disease. And, of course, correct pruning of fruit trees will improve the yield.

Supporting: Trees and shrubs obviously will need stake or cable support when planted but older specimens may need propping and bracing if considered appropriate and safe (after a risk assessment). Since the need to prop and brace the tree indicates a serious fault in the structure of the tree it should only be used on high amenity trees, veterans and specimens of unusual or protected species.

Stump removal:

Stump grinder or rotary mechanical rooter
Stump grinder grinding

Grinding out the tree stump to about 12 inches (300mm) below ground level will allow β€˜invisible mending’ by soil infill and grassing over or replanting. Where the stump is in hardstanding (eg roadside pavement or patio) stump grinding allows backfill and paving over the area.

Hedge cutting: Correct cutting is essential if a hedge is to be healthy, look good and be within the law. Whether it’s a short privet hedge or a conifer hedge that disappears into the distance, the present law on High Hedges means being a good neighbour now has the encouragement of legislation. We take away this twice annual chore and help to keep harmony between neighbours.

Dismantling / Felling:

Les Benbow and crane holding a tree trunk.
Les supporting a felled tree

One of the most dangerous activities in Tree Surgery. Clearly, it is vital that the tree surgeon is a trained climber with equally well trained ground staff. But it is also essential that the climber understands the mechanics of branches when they are cut and the forces which come into play when felling large (or even relatively small) trees. There are too many recorded deaths and severe injuries where an untrained person with a borrowed chainsaw decides to lop a branch off a tree in their garden.

tree reports logoReports: We can provide reports on tree safety for presentation to your insurers or to help decide appropriate action or, in woodland, to list the species and number of trees and their condition.

To find out more about how our professional tree care service can help you, please contact us by email, telephone, fax or post.