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Benbow Brothers Timber Ltd

Tree Reports

A large tree on a golf-course
Does that count as the rough?

Benbow Brothers are always happy to inspect, survey and assess trees, woodland, and orchards for potential damage, hazards or risks that may arise from disease, fungi, storm damage or just from natural aging processes.

We usually do not charge for site visits unless a written report is required. You may require a tree report for a financial reason such as a mortgage, insurance claim or for health and safety or personal liability reasons. Our written reports conform to and reference the British Standards Institution Building & Construction standard BS5837 : 2005 and include:

Report Procedure Information

All our reports include the following information and conform to the appropriate standards:

Information on how we identify and grade trees in the report

  • By Tree Age
    Tree Age Codes
    Age Code Age Category Meaning
    NP Newly Planted A tree planted within the last three years.
    SA Sapling Young Sapling, naturally self-seeded, up to three years old.
    Y Young An established tree of up to one-third the expected ultimate height.
    SM Semi-mature A tree between one-third and two-thirds the expected adult height
    M Mature A tree of about the expected adult height, but still rapidly gaining girth.
    FM Fully Mature A tree of more or less adult height, and of a wide but still slowly increasing girth.
    OM Overly Mature A tree declining due to age as indicated by deterioration in the health and condition of its crown and trunk.
    S Senescent A tree that has a crown that is breaking up and decreasing in size.
  • Tree’s Common Name, Genus and Species
    e.g. Ash – Fraxinus Excelsior
  • The Location of all trees surveyed, locations of specific trees are recorded on a site plan of the surveyed area.
  • Dimensions of the surveyed tree, including: Tree Height, Crown spread (the maximum radius of the limbs) and the trunk Girth at breast height (1.5 metres).
  • Condition of the subject tree. This relates to the overall health and age of the tree and is graded as follows.
    Tree Condition
    Code Condition Meaning
    A Good Trees in excellent condition, with a well balanced crowns and strong, vigorous growth providing a full canopy.
    B Fair Trees worthy of retention if possible perhaps with some dead wood, minor damage or slightly misshapen limbs.
    C Poor Tree with significant damage, disease, lack of vigour, misshapen or with growth severely suppressed by adjacent trees. To be retained or removed depending upon the extent of damage or detriment based on appraisal of each individual tree.
    D Dead, Dying or Diseased Tree that has little or no life expectancy due to damage or infection. Often structurally dangerous these trees, regrettably, should be removed.

Benbow Brothers are always willing to inspect your property and assess potential risks to and due to trees. If you have concerns over old or dangerous looking trees on your property please contact us.