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Benbow Brothers Timber Ltd

Timber Haulage

Timber Hauling

This service is available nationwide.

Self-loading HGV
Self-loading HGV

Our purpose designed HGV’s are rated for loads of several tonnes and have self-loading claw grab cranes.

We pride ourselves on managing our haulage business so that return journeys without a load are minimised. This allows us to keep our transport charges low; a key task in these days of ever-higher vehicle running costs and carbon footprints.

Corporate Christmas trees.

If your business requires a large christmas tree for your offices, or if you are arranging the centre-piece for a town square, Benbow brothers have a long history of sourcing, and erecting, festive firs and Christmas conifers, we have supplied the trees to inner-city Liverpool and Birmingham, as well as smaller venues.

Forestry Commission and Lumber Mills

A piece of wood with a smiley face
Now that’s a happy bit of wood

Benbow Brothers are proud partners of the Forestry Commission and our fleet can often be found transporting Forestry Commission trees to Sawmills up and down the country. With over £1.6 billion invested in saw, paper and board mills over the last two decades, there is a lot of demand for English Timber, which we help the Forestry Commission provide for.

We are often found carrying timber to Mills that the mills themselves own. A lot of mills cannot afford to maintain their own fleets, which is where we can help.

To find out more about how inexpensively we can haul your timber for you please contact us.